Are you ready for some self-care, some personal growth?

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Let November springboard you into 2020!

Writing can be an avenue for change, healing, and opening the creative flow.


Journal to the Self is based on the work of Kathleen Adams, it "is a bridge into first our own humanity, and then our own spirituality. The road stretches out before us, and our ultimate task is the journey." ~ Kathleen Adams

In this workshop you will experience 18 different journal writing techniques.

Participants can:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with self

  • Discover the writer within you

  • Problem-solving and self-processing skills

  • Maximize time and business efficiency

  • Safely release emotions

  • Access information stored in the subconscious and unconscious minds. . . And more!

Custom journal seminars can be created for your specific needs. The general workshop can be offered in four or six week sessions. All workshops can take place in the comfort of your home, your own preferred site, or at I-siyu in Norcross. 

Organize a total group of four and you will get free registration! Contact to get started.

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I've learned to better communicate with loved ones and everyone.


Writing/journaling my thoughts is very useful; sorting through layers of repressed memories and even fresh experiences is helpful.

~ Workshop Testimonial


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